Hi!!…srry for the late posting :)…A poem I wrote guyzz…♡♡♡
Where I learn to live,
And get educated,
An institution of wisdom,
Also where I get seperated,
From the real happenings,
No wonder it is a burden,
But a place I deeply bond with,
Memories are sealed ,
In this beautiful school,
The love of childhood,
Are sealed as memories,
A helping hand from a teacher or,
A joke told by a friend,
They were all found here,
Whether I ought to,
To forget or remember or ,
To laugh or cry,
Upon these memories,
As they were a blend of everything,
They were sweet and bitter,
They were warm and cold,
They were lessons ,
They were love,
They were all I can remember,
As they were deeply shove,
In the bottom of my heart..

Summer Bash

Hello my pals 🙂

Today …I woke up late and it is all because of a party which i have enjoyed to death…it was epic !!! It was mostly like some event to celebrate summer and to be positive about the heat …so me and my besties main point was to beat the heat…! That was challenging but we had a great time and it was a small budget party 😉 ..

We had sandwiches , some chips and soft drinks….we kept it simple..first we did a picnic…

Then me and my pals were hanging out together and were having ice cream… ❤ ❤

Then we played some games and enjoyed playing  carroms…

After a while , we headed to my home and we made some French fries and were taking selfies 😉 ;)..

Tht was really fun….we played badminton too..I had a great ..we were sporting in some fun summer colored clothing .we also blended fruit juice..for all of’s time to celebrate summer..I hope you enjoy this season too

Selfie on a Sunny day.. ;)

Selfie on a Sunny day.. 😉

Indian’s Fashion Evolution.. + Sari

Hello ladies.. 🙂

Now this post is or the Ladies ❤ ..Ladies special..YAY !..

I was seriously amazed with My nationality’s fashion sense !

Now, Fashion is totally something unique from a person to person..Indian fashion is an inspiration to many Foreigners , Fashion companies out there ..:) .Now , Indians fashion sense  has been totally westernized.There’s a sequence for this , People want what is unique right ?..So Indians find denim clothing & western jeans much more Different ,comfortable & better than Indian clothing.Funny it is that americans & other citizens find Indian Kurtas , Patialas ,Sarees , Chudidhars soo comfortable to wear , inexpensive & vibrant & adorable !

After this delusion I was wondering about  ,I have thought to blog about Saris ! Whoaah !..Its a pride for our nationality & I hope all of you love it ❤ ..This post was written with my knowledge so it might not be perfect for you ;)…

Indian clothing mainly consisted of sarees ..Beautifully wrapped around a woman..

Indian clothing mainly consisted of sarees ..Beautifully wrapped around a woman..

Sarees are woven , hand loomed and also made by modern machines.They are traditionally made and are wrapped around a woman in a certain method.

There were so many variations on the Saree format..

There were so many variations on the Saree format..

In different regions of India , There are modifications in the method fo the saree -wrapping..

Well now it has changed..Sarees have become very fashionable .They are just worn on parties & cultural ceremonies .They are adorned with heavy embroidery & have got different prices for its material , color & work ..


Now its commercial.

Now its commercial.

Not just sarees..

Things change..Especially here things did change a lot.It might be for the good or bad.It’s safe to stay positive ! 🙂 ..Now Indian colors have gone viral & made hits on the Fashion ramps..

Just amazing colors , Very edgy look ..They have got..Yes , they did inhereit our Indian culture & used the basic format of an Indian dress but seriously  , They are just slowing turning back on us ..With too much of westernization..

Just amazing colors , Very edgy look ..They have got..Yes , they did inhereit our Indian culture & used the basic format of an Indian dress but seriously , They are just slowing turning back on us ..With too much of westernization..


Just a random imagination is what I have : P !

Something to leave a thought for..

Would love ❤ to read them !


-Lekhya ❤





What is education in these days..?What has it become now ?


Now it has become a threat to children.All I can see now is a small child going to tutoring services in the early dawn ,coming back and leaving her breakfast half eaten and immediately heading to school , sitting there in one place and listening , writing and studying with no exposure to this lively world and the society which teaches us what real education is and at last returning to her house in the afternoon tired .She might be taking a nap or doing her homework instead of it sadly with no rest at all.At last most of the students in India go to tutoring services after school for hours and head to their house at late night or should I say 8 pm.When do they have their “me” time ? Do they know what it is ?When will the find their sense of accomplishment and their career path ?When will they inspire?


These questions have been running in my mind all night long as I am also a young student in India.I am sure it is not just in India but many other places as well.This has to be reformed by the society !


I have realized this recently when my sister who is my best friend has no time for me anymore.She had to dedicate her late teenage years for studying and exams. She never finds time for me or family , infact she does not have time for herself !

She played a vital role in my life that I went through alot of emotions.Everything was very gloomy without her.She too changed alot.Educational stress has demolished our beautiful bondage From childhood till now I love to learn new things and get good grades but I never wanted it knock down my family life.

We still love each other.Even if the educational system changes or does not we have to realize that we need to balance our daily educational stress and be with our family & friends for a while.Is education either a burden or a talented gift ?.But it is true that the meanig of education has changed with the new era !It is still an unsolved mystery !

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Books are becoming  the best friend for any  human being nowadays  which can never be disloyal to us .Books help us go across the ocean of life and  can also be entertaining.They are interesting to read . Books contain tons of knowledge and we get to know various kinds of new words in a single  page . A lot of people told me to start reading books to improve my vocabulary .

Why ?

I do not know. Maybe I am not good in speaking and writing new words ?!? Do you think so ? But I LOVE EASY ENGLISH ! It’s simple. I like simple. So I  am reading a book after a a few months . I began reading it yesterday and I fell in love with it . It is a book edited by Ruskin Bond.It was written and published in India.Its called “school days”.Better get ready to read my book !



Luv it !

Luv it !