health tips forever easy !!!!!!!! coffee recipe !!!!

  • adding garlic in our diet is very good as it has antibiotic properties !!!!!!!!it takes off virus infections like cold and cough and many  like eye stye , typhoid , flu . you can add it when you eat steaned vegetables garnished with ranch or other dressings !!!!!!
  • drinking water makes your skin healthy angd gives good shape ,happiness by removing waste in our body and etc .
  • smiling can make you happy eve if your not !!!!!!!!                                                   
  • be happy , make happy                           
  • love is cure so make sure you love your mum and da and sis or bro !
  • have limited time for laptop or you will get ugly glasses for your beautiful face like me !!!!!


don’t you need a cup of coffee ?

 you deserve it !!!!!

take thick milk and add some drops of water then you need add one sachet of coffee powder ( i use bru ) then quarter spoon sugar and pour them in your  small teacup ! once the milk is lukwarm pour it in your teacup !






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