DIY TIPS !!!!!!


 1.if you get a heat pimple

DIY tips or remedies for that !

■Plenty of water intake in required for skin to moisturize  as hydration is one of the remedy in this condition.Fresh fruit juices especially of orange, watermelon, lemon, pineapple and all watery fruits are advisable.
■You should avoid tea, coffee, starchy substances, sugar based items such as cakes, pastries, chocolate etc. Pickles, oily things, sour things, condiments and irregular meals are to be avoided.

■If you do not know that you are consuming this type of food, stop anyway. For a few days, try and avoid chilies, fried and spicy food and heavy red meats. This will automatically help in reducing the internal heat generated by these foods within the body because this causes heat .

■You should also try and cleanse your skin well and thoroughly to see if that helps. so wash your face !

■You would do well to see if you need this extra care. You should exfoliate your skin at least once a week, if not more. This alone will make a significant and visible difference. You should also try and apply astringent to the area where the boils have erupted. This will help to keep your skin free of excessive oil deposits. Sometimes, extra oil deposits could also lead to formation of pus filled boils.

Another thing you always need to keep in mind is that you should not fidget with, or scratch the boils. This can lead to their growth, which can, over time, become an unpleasant prospect. Please remember that not scratching or bursting these boils can actually be helpful in gradually eliminating them. But if you fidget too much, you can aggravate your condition further.

Reduce Heat Boils on Face and Skin Naturally
You should avoid tea, coffee, starchy substances, sugar based items such as cakes, pastries, chocolate etc. Pickles, oily things, sour things, condiments and irregular meals are to be avoided.
Home Remedies and Natural Treatment to Get Rid Of Heat Boils
Parsley is a useful home remedy in this condition. Parsley is boiled in water till it is soft and swelled. This when comfortably hot should be taken over muslin cloth and applied over the boils. This should be repeated 3-4 times in day

Neem leaves are very effective in this condition. Poultice is prepared by adding handful if neem leaves to half a liter of water. Boil it till the preparation is turned to 1/3rd of its quantity. This is then applied over the boil till it regresses.
Betel leaves are used since olden days for treatment of boils. Betel leaf is soaked in hot water till it becomes soft. To it then castor oil is applied. Betel leaf is then applied over the region of heat boils till it cools down. Again this procedure is repeated. This can be done 3-4 times in a day. This is effective in case of cellulites also where there is pus formation. It breaks open the pus and helps in healing of the wound.

how to make a natural air cooler

Method one -Take a fan of large size , if available take a square shaped one and take a water absorbing cloth like a shamwow cloth and absorb it in water ( cool water also works well )and place it on the fan  .Usually  air coolers work well  on hot days so it works like a real one  like this – the cloth placed on the fan is absorbed by water , the water gets evapourated by heat the evapourated air is drawn as cool wind by the fan because it is placed on it .

Method two – take a square shaped fan and place it a side and take any absorbing material as i takedried grass of high quality and pace it in a large squre shaped containe with big holes for ventilation , you can use the bins for keeping laundry and absorb the water by dried grassa nd take a cardboard big box – like the one for the refrigerater and place the fan inside it and make a hole in the cardboard box for its wire and keep the bin of the water absorbing material and on it the bin facing the cardboard should be open – the opening and add finishing touches and thats all its ready , it works the same way as the method one

a DIY recycling plans !

A DIY recycling plan is perfect for schoolers or collegers . Take a big plastic cover like the one you get for shopping , take it and hook it somewhere in your room and whenever you feel you can recycle a paper you go through , just throw it the bin and open the  bin every sundays and recycle it by using the other , or if space is left in the sides of the paper use i ! in this case your recycling  and also saving money !



ok so i am very tensed as i newly joined to st anthonys school so there is a load of heavy work on me to be done at a very small period of time so i thought to make a simple cappuccino so you can try it when your stressed out so the recipe is released !!

  1. take a cup of our favourite colour
  2. melt out some of your favourite chocolate?( dark chocolate would be good than the others when you dont want your cappuccino sweet ! ) or brake it into small pieces or just take any chocolate syrup if you have like hersheys
  3. boil some milk of your favourite taste – it depends upon you , if you want it strong use fat thick milk if you want light use the thin milk or dilute it in water !!
  4. keep your cup ready with some of your favourite coffee powder – i use BRU and its good -than a half spoon of sugar ( it depends upon you ) !!!
  5. pour the hot milk into your cup and mix fast and immediately dice your chocolate pieces or powders or syrup and D R I N K !! IT WILL BE AWESOME IF yOU SEE A SCENERY AND DRINK * SUNSET !Image