li river !


This river is located in China , the wayter of the river is in many colors therefore it is very special.


A simple recipe :)

you can do it anytime , anywhere , anyhow , from baby to old you can do it !

          —————–WITHOUT COOKING ——————

it is healthy easy and tasty !






Take a bowl of milk and crush the bread in it and add enough sugar to it and eat ! you can eat this when your sick – not harmful at all and very health boosty !

Poem about school ^_^

hi friends ,

i just wanted share a poem about school !

i sit like a rock ,

before the exam ,

i run like a clock ,

the day before the exam ,

i sleep like a giant ,

after the exam ,

i  talk like a radio ,

when exam results are  given ,

i eat like a lion ,

during the holidays ,

i prepare my self 

as the fresh term lays ,

i hurry myself to the school bus ,

on the the school days.

                                         – lekhya