Some random things ….

Hello every one , sorry for the late posting 🙂 

Its been days i’ve been creative …. study , eat and sleep ; it  is just a routine for me and all the school going children in India .Every minute of the day , I’m eating and i think “did i forget my science textbook ?” , I’m sleeping and i think ” did I finish all my homeworks ” day by day studies are becoming a burden .It is hard to stay without creativity , it is the  happy bonus of you 🙂 ! One important point is that I noticed that all these stuff are making me ordinary , stressed and ruining my creativity and  reduces my chances to be more unique.

The only ultimate solution is relax !Relaxing is very important to people because you can’t even  make a move without it ! So relax , stay

back and spend some joy and boost your creativity ! 🙂


Science quiz … Super easy !

Hello there … science is all around us – how are you driving a car , cooking dinner ,making the clothes you buy in stores is all because of science ; it is good to know about it as more as possible … you can try this quiz to  know how much you are aware in the science category ! Answer in comments , please use the reference of internet for help if essential , it depends about  the clarity in the answer 🙂


quest 1 . which is the largest living structure in the world ? make a note about it :-

*quest 2 .why are many people left handed ?

quest 3 . why do objects float if sugar is added in the water ?

quest 4 .what is humidity ? what are some  ways through which humidity is formed ?

quest you know all the answers 

A poem ….


Wonderful it is that we can describe our feelings through writing . And that may be the reason why many write diaries , journals and more . I hope that all of you friends to express your creativity in a very good manner ,and one brilliant way is a poem  …… 🙂

A Flower

by : Aldora Sparrow
Have you ever heard
of a flower that never needs
Water, soil, or sunshine?

A flower that stays in full bloom
Through summer and winter
Through good times and bad

A flower that rarely gets smaller,
growing endlessly.
A few lost petals,
A little droop,
but, without a doubt,
it will always regrow
into something more beautiful.

I have one of those.
I call it Love

My secret recipes … sshhh !!!

hey !

So you people know that someday we get really hungry and no one is there for you to serve and I’ve been there a lot of times but mostly i think is that , why should we depend on others to cook ;its pretty mean . JUST think about it once ,how weird it would be !  therefore i thought to make out some new snacks ,I made up some till now ! tell the others later !

They are damn easy and tasty !

1. cheese – corn sandwich…tasty and healthy . good combo , can do plain with cheese

2.fruit kababs – damn easy , may dice homey if like to

3.nachos – don’t forget to add onion pieces


4.sesame seeds – nicely baked or fried

5.salted crackers – cheese is the key ingredient in it !

6.smoothies !