Some random things ….

Hello every one , sorry for the late posting 🙂 

Its been days i’ve been creative …. study , eat and sleep ; it  is just a routine for me and all the school going children in India .Every minute of the day , I’m eating and i think “did i forget my science textbook ?” , I’m sleeping and i think ” did I finish all my homeworks ” day by day studies are becoming a burden .It is hard to stay without creativity , it is the  happy bonus of you 🙂 ! One important point is that I noticed that all these stuff are making me ordinary , stressed and ruining my creativity and  reduces my chances to be more unique.

The only ultimate solution is relax !Relaxing is very important to people because you can’t even  make a move without it ! So relax , stay

back and spend some joy and boost your creativity ! 🙂

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