Ho Ho Merry Christmas !

As you know Quarterly examinations were finished and the fresh term has started and I had a terrible experience in the previous exams so I studied seriously and half yearly exams laid near by … days passed and I relaxed , had fun and played at the same time studied and I never worked this hard for any exam and say I did prepare well ! The exams have started and I written all the examinations excellent ! I am so satisfied with my paper ! After every term exam we get vacation and this vacation is very special as it is Christmas vacation . The vacation started from 21st December …..I had a lot of fun on Christmas we went to church  , offered prayers and ate cake ,  burgers and had the best feast ever ! Actually we went to shopping to Charminar , it is a famous market in Hyderabad   . We bought a small cute cake , chicken rolls , burgers and chicken Tandoori  ;this time we had a feast of Indian foodies and I really loved it  :)… I had fun with myself and my family too ….I also learnt something “The best Christmas feast is not with the best food but with the best people , your   family :).

My Christmas present was  BEAUTIFUL  frocks of one purple polka dot colored and the other was a long blue and white one :).

The photos were taken by me 🙂ImageThe scene of Christ birth.Image

Inside the church .


Me at church !


Books …writing !

Writing is the most creative art to do…writing is interesting to read too , many of us love too read, I too like to read many books 🙂

Books are sometimes can be the expressions and feeling of an author and seldom their thoughts and imagination and a thinking of a character in another  pint of view.It is pretty cool to have such an invention in the modern era which makes a person feel better by expressing their feelings and your creativity gets established . what books do you read ? Can you name the author of Puss in Boots?


I have been busy lately about exams and I need to prepare well because last exams were terrible( I written mostly nothing (wow !) but i realised that getting tensed in every second of my life due to educational burdens like exams and homework and sometimes parental stress can tare my childhood life and shred it to pieces ! So leave all your work { EVERYTHING} behind ( if you are a busy student like me or …. ) AND STAY BACK AND ENJOY THE REAL MEANING OF LIFE…. enjoy the nature and its beauty , go to a park , sit alone , feel the wind andthe warmth of the weak sun rays faiing on you making you glitter …enjoy…. 🙂