Ho Ho Merry Christmas !

As you know Quarterly examinations were finished and the fresh term has started and I had a terrible experience in the previous exams so I studied seriously and half yearly exams laid near by … days passed and I relaxed , had fun and played at the same time studied and I never worked this hard for any exam and say I did prepare well ! The exams have started and I written all the examinations excellent ! I am so satisfied with my paper ! After every term exam we get vacation and this vacation is very special as it is Christmas vacation . The vacation started from 21st December …..I had a lot of fun on Christmas we went to church  , offered prayers and ate cake ,  burgers and had the best feast ever ! Actually we went to shopping to Charminar , it is a famous market in Hyderabad   . We bought a small cute cake , chicken rolls , burgers and chicken Tandoori  ;this time we had a feast of Indian foodies and I really loved it  :)… I had fun with myself and my family too ….I also learnt something “The best Christmas feast is not with the best food but with the best people , your   family :).

My Christmas present was  BEAUTIFUL  frocks of one purple polka dot colored and the other was a long blue and white one :).

The photos were taken by me 🙂ImageThe scene of Christ birth.Image

Inside the church .


Me at church !


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