That day..Sports day !

Day 1

Today was sports day..too bad I did not win any prize but I am really glad that I have participated.I find participation more joyful than winning .Class 6 program was A Mass DRILL .Mass drill are tough, you have to do the exercise told by the physical education teacher .It is not that they are weird but theyare also stupid!

Day 2

Today was sports day and this time it was AwEsOmE , well it started with chatting in the backstage of the celebrations.We had ribbons of the nation colors tied to our wrists and needed to wear caps and gloves of white colored .it was actually  pretty cool , cuz when you do the exercises the ribbons tied to our wrists will be like flying in the air representing our nation and being proud to be an India. Then after our performance  , the other classes did some really cool body – moving exercises.At late evening ,when most of the performances were finished and viewed by all our parents  and the  highest people of our school , we were viewing a presentation made by the higher classes about our school and it has really suprising facts about teaching , oral science , Christianity and facts about our school.Then it was the final dance which concludes the annual celebration . Me and my both bffs were hanging out and we also had a lot of fun!



Joyful January


How was your Jan ?….. well don’t ask mine because to say it in a word it was senseless and I think it was quite unique for a start , well it started with the new year celebrations…..I was dressed in a beautiful pink tutu and I went to the church to pray the lord my prayers for this year to be a wonderful one and to the Mosque to pray Allah to forgive my sins and start a fresh new year and then I also went to a Temple to pray my humble wishes to the deity and of course I am a Hindu in India .I do this every festival  to symbolize unity in religious beliefs and customs and I also love to discover religions , myths and other things.

And the first week was about wishing others and preparation for a fresh start.After that we had assignments to do at school and what so ever .I also participated in a language and culture exhibition.I hope February will be thrilling which is what I am hoping for.



sports day and fun ! 018l

Me  and my bff’s together at sports day !