Summer Bash

Hello my pals 🙂

Today …I woke up late and it is all because of a party which i have enjoyed to death…it was epic !!! It was mostly like some event to celebrate summer and to be positive about the heat …so me and my besties main point was to beat the heat…! That was challenging but we had a great time and it was a small budget party 😉 ..

We had sandwiches , some chips and soft drinks….we kept it simple..first we did a picnic…

Then me and my pals were hanging out together and were having ice cream… ❤ ❤

Then we played some games and enjoyed playing  carroms…

After a while , we headed to my home and we made some French fries and were taking selfies 😉 ;)..

Tht was really fun….we played badminton too..I had a great ..we were sporting in some fun summer colored clothing .we also blended fruit juice..for all of’s time to celebrate summer..I hope you enjoy this season too

Selfie on a Sunny day.. ;)

Selfie on a Sunny day.. 😉


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