Hi!!…srry for the late posting :)…A poem I wrote guyzz…♡♡♡
Where I learn to live,
And get educated,
An institution of wisdom,
Also where I get seperated,
From the real happenings,
No wonder it is a burden,
But a place I deeply bond with,
Memories are sealed ,
In this beautiful school,
The love of childhood,
Are sealed as memories,
A helping hand from a teacher or,
A joke told by a friend,
They were all found here,
Whether I ought to,
To forget or remember or ,
To laugh or cry,
Upon these memories,
As they were a blend of everything,
They were sweet and bitter,
They were warm and cold,
They were lessons ,
They were love,
They were all I can remember,
As they were deeply shove,
In the bottom of my heart..