My name is Lekhya . My name means enthusiasm and  vigor and sometimes it means poetry , script and being praised of  also.


I am a young teen from India although I have lived almost half of life in varoious states of The United States Of America.

I’ve been writing since I knew how to write simple sentences & big words.I’ve made this blog..to share my views & expressions which are quite unique.

I am a great dancer and I enjoy singing.

I love  to read & write.

P.S I am a cute & pretty nerd !

My ambitious dreams are many.Since I’m young , my mind gets away with various interesting careers.I keep fluctuating from an ambition to become a  radiologist (doctor) or an computer engineer since they are safe careers in India and are said to be the only careers to most of the growing children in India but not me 🙂.But I’ve been keen on being a motivational speaker or a social activist after going across Nick Vijucic & Malala Yousozfai.

About me:

Teen,who  loves her reflection ..

Social & Outgoing

Potterhead, Swiftie , Selenator.

I am a Optimistic , Creative & Unique person.A huge Dreamer is what I am..

Most importantly A teen who’s battling between reality & her own self.A girl who’s in search of her true self & purpose of her life.Or shall I also a say a young mind building her career’s fresh start & the real journey !

To talk about what I LOVE , there are so many !

I would LOVE to make it simple..Right here 😉.So here it goes !

I love..(I might write why !)

My Proud Parents-da ! because they created this masterpiece 😉 ..lol ,  Family  , My best friends who are : My sister  ,Sania , Disha , Meghana & the most special one – Me 🙂 ,People , travelling , Life , Journeys-It has something beyond usual ! , Future-It has something great for me 😉 , Disney Shows , Books , Facts , School-has something great- *memories*learning  , Chocolate- but I have it very rarely 😛 , Sunset , Coffee , Writing , Diaries , Comedy , My best friend’s silly jokes-they are hilarious Disha ! , Partying with my bestfriends ( Meghana 😉 ) – I am a party animal ! ,  Nature , Sunshine , Internet -You know why! , Trees 🙂 , Straight A’s , good grades , Cute accents , Experimenting , Inspirational People  , Chinese food , Food ..

I hate…Many things but I am definitely not a hater 😛 ! ..P.S I am innocent 🙂

*1.People talking while I am thinking -Its like listening to a loudspeaker which is like blablabla..when your on a serious operation of you daily life  , My moody behavior 😦 -Which happens to occur rarely -_- , Homework-Only too much !

My thoughts about Sport and Games :-

Dodgeball , Chess and Badminton comes to my mind when I think about sports and games as I like them . They are fun , good for health , improves immunity strength and improves our concentration skills. 🙂





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