My secret recipes … sshhh !!!

hey !

So you people know that someday we get really hungry and no one is there for you to serve and I’ve been there a lot of times but mostly i think is that , why should we depend on others to cook ;its pretty mean . JUST think about it once ,how weird it would be !  therefore i thought to make out some new snacks ,I made up some till now ! tell the others later !

They are damn easy and tasty !

1. cheese – corn sandwich…tasty and healthy . good combo , can do plain with cheese

2.fruit kababs – damn easy , may dice homey if like to

3.nachos – don’t forget to add onion pieces


4.sesame seeds – nicely baked or fried

5.salted crackers – cheese is the key ingredient in it !

6.smoothies !


what a wonder !

hello ,

so i was interested to observe different arts which i keenly want to know about and i came to know about this :




A simple recipe :)

you can do it anytime , anywhere , anyhow , from baby to old you can do it !

          —————–WITHOUT COOKING ——————

it is healthy easy and tasty !






Take a bowl of milk and crush the bread in it and add enough sugar to it and eat ! you can eat this when your sick – not harmful at all and very health boosty !


ok so i am very tensed as i newly joined to st anthonys school so there is a load of heavy work on me to be done at a very small period of time so i thought to make a simple cappuccino so you can try it when your stressed out so the recipe is released !!

  1. take a cup of our favourite colour
  2. melt out some of your favourite chocolate?( dark chocolate would be good than the others when you dont want your cappuccino sweet ! ) or brake it into small pieces or just take any chocolate syrup if you have like hersheys
  3. boil some milk of your favourite taste – it depends upon you , if you want it strong use fat thick milk if you want light use the thin milk or dilute it in water !!
  4. keep your cup ready with some of your favourite coffee powder – i use BRU and its good -than a half spoon of sugar ( it depends upon you ) !!!
  5. pour the hot milk into your cup and mix fast and immediately dice your chocolate pieces or powders or syrup and D R I N K !! IT WILL BE AWESOME IF yOU SEE A SCENERY AND DRINK * SUNSET !Image

health tips forever easy !!!!!!!! coffee recipe !!!!

  • adding garlic in our diet is very good as it has antibiotic properties !!!!!!!!it takes off virus infections like cold and cough and many  like eye stye , typhoid , flu . you can add it when you eat steaned vegetables garnished with ranch or other dressings !!!!!!
  • drinking water makes your skin healthy angd gives good shape ,happiness by removing waste in our body and etc .
  • smiling can make you happy eve if your not !!!!!!!!                                                   
  • be happy , make happy                           
  • love is cure so make sure you love your mum and da and sis or bro !
  • have limited time for laptop or you will get ugly glasses for your beautiful face like me !!!!!


don’t you need a cup of coffee ?

 you deserve it !!!!!

take thick milk and add some drops of water then you need add one sachet of coffee powder ( i use bru ) then quarter spoon sugar and pour them in your  small teacup ! once the milk is lukwarm pour it in your teacup !