What is education in these days..?What has it become now ?


Now it has become a threat to children.All I can see now is a small child going to tutoring services in the early dawn ,coming back and leaving her breakfast half eaten and immediately heading to school , sitting there in one place and listening , writing and studying with no exposure to this lively world and the society which teaches us what real education is and at last returning to her house in the afternoon tired .She might be taking a nap or doing her homework instead of it sadly with no rest at all.At last most of the students in India go to tutoring services after school for hours and head to their house at late night or should I say 8 pm.When do they have their “me” time ? Do they know what it is ?When will the find their sense of accomplishment and their career path ?When will they inspire?


These questions have been running in my mind all night long as I am also a young student in India.I am sure it is not just in India but many other places as well.This has to be reformed by the society !


I have realized this recently when my sister who is my best friend has no time for me anymore.She had to dedicate her late teenage years for studying and exams. She never finds time for me or family , infact she does not have time for herself !

She played a vital role in my life that I went through alot of emotions.Everything was very gloomy without her.She too changed alot.Educational stress has demolished our beautiful bondage From childhood till now I love to learn new things and get good grades but I never wanted it knock down my family life.

We still love each other.Even if the educational system changes or does not we have to realize that we need to balance our daily educational stress and be with our family & friends for a while.Is education either a burden or a talented gift ?.But it is true that the meanig of education has changed with the new era !It is still an unsolved mystery !



Books are becoming  the best friend for any  human being nowadays  which can never be disloyal to us .Books help us go across the ocean of life and  can also be entertaining.They are interesting to read . Books contain tons of knowledge and we get to know various kinds of new words in a single  page . A lot of people told me to start reading books to improve my vocabulary .

Why ?

I do not know. Maybe I am not good in speaking and writing new words ?!? Do you think so ? But I LOVE EASY ENGLISH ! It’s simple. I like simple. So I  am reading a book after a a few months . I began reading it yesterday and I fell in love with it . It is a book edited by Ruskin Bond.It was written and published in India.Its called “school days”.Better get ready to read my book !



Luv it !

Luv it !

Best friend <3 <3

Best friend…

A one with whom I vent my feelings and express affection,

Not only emotions but knowledge and assets,

She who recites in the heart is apart from others,

Every joke is more funny ,

When she is around,

And if she isn’t there  my heart becomes saddened and dull,

She might not be a neighbor nor a family folk,

But a sweet companion who resides in me,

And can be a part of my life,

I will never leave you ,


That day..Sports day !

Day 1

Today was sports day..too bad I did not win any prize but I am really glad that I have participated.I find participation more joyful than winning .Class 6 program was A Mass DRILL .Mass drill are tough, you have to do the exercise told by the physical education teacher .It is not that they are weird but theyare also stupid!

Day 2

Today was sports day and this time it was AwEsOmE , well it started with chatting in the backstage of the celebrations.We had ribbons of the nation colors tied to our wrists and needed to wear caps and gloves of white colored .it was actually  pretty cool , cuz when you do the exercises the ribbons tied to our wrists will be like flying in the air representing our nation and being proud to be an India. Then after our performance  , the other classes did some really cool body – moving exercises.At late evening ,when most of the performances were finished and viewed by all our parents  and the  highest people of our school , we were viewing a presentation made by the higher classes about our school and it has really suprising facts about teaching , oral science , Christianity and facts about our school.Then it was the final dance which concludes the annual celebration . Me and my both bffs were hanging out and we also had a lot of fun!


Joyful January


How was your Jan ?….. well don’t ask mine because to say it in a word it was senseless and I think it was quite unique for a start , well it started with the new year celebrations…..I was dressed in a beautiful pink tutu and I went to the church to pray the lord my prayers for this year to be a wonderful one and to the Mosque to pray Allah to forgive my sins and start a fresh new year and then I also went to a Temple to pray my humble wishes to the deity and of course I am a Hindu in India .I do this every festival  to symbolize unity in religious beliefs and customs and I also love to discover religions , myths and other things.

And the first week was about wishing others and preparation for a fresh start.After that we had assignments to do at school and what so ever .I also participated in a language and culture exhibition.I hope February will be thrilling which is what I am hoping for.



sports day and fun ! 018l

Me  and my bff’s together at sports day !

Ho Ho Merry Christmas !

As you know Quarterly examinations were finished and the fresh term has started and I had a terrible experience in the previous exams so I studied seriously and half yearly exams laid near by … days passed and I relaxed , had fun and played at the same time studied and I never worked this hard for any exam and say I did prepare well ! The exams have started and I written all the examinations excellent ! I am so satisfied with my paper ! After every term exam we get vacation and this vacation is very special as it is Christmas vacation . The vacation started from 21st December …..I had a lot of fun on Christmas we went to church  , offered prayers and ate cake ,  burgers and had the best feast ever ! Actually we went to shopping to Charminar , it is a famous market in Hyderabad   . We bought a small cute cake , chicken rolls , burgers and chicken Tandoori  ;this time we had a feast of Indian foodies and I really loved it  :)… I had fun with myself and my family too ….I also learnt something “The best Christmas feast is not with the best food but with the best people , your   family :).

My Christmas present was  BEAUTIFUL  frocks of one purple polka dot colored and the other was a long blue and white one :).

The photos were taken by me 🙂ImageThe scene of Christ birth.Image

Inside the church .


Me at church !