Best friend <3 <3

Best friend…

A one with whom I vent my feelings and express affection,

Not only emotions but knowledge and assets,

She who recites in the heart is apart from others,

Every joke is more funny ,

When she is around,

And if she isn’t there  my heart becomes saddened and dull,

She might not be a neighbor nor a family folk,

But a sweet companion who resides in me,

And can be a part of my life,

I will never leave you ,



Books …writing !

Writing is the most creative art to do…writing is interesting to read too , many of us love too read, I too like to read many books 🙂

Books are sometimes can be the expressions and feeling of an author and seldom their thoughts and imagination and a thinking of a character in another  pint of view.It is pretty cool to have such an invention in the modern era which makes a person feel better by expressing their feelings and your creativity gets established . what books do you read ? Can you name the author of Puss in Boots?

A poem ….


Wonderful it is that we can describe our feelings through writing . And that may be the reason why many write diaries , journals and more . I hope that all of you friends to express your creativity in a very good manner ,and one brilliant way is a poem  …… 🙂

A Flower

by : Aldora Sparrow
Have you ever heard
of a flower that never needs
Water, soil, or sunshine?

A flower that stays in full bloom
Through summer and winter
Through good times and bad

A flower that rarely gets smaller,
growing endlessly.
A few lost petals,
A little droop,
but, without a doubt,
it will always regrow
into something more beautiful.

I have one of those.
I call it Love

Poem about school ^_^

hi friends ,

i just wanted share a poem about school !

i sit like a rock ,

before the exam ,

i run like a clock ,

the day before the exam ,

i sleep like a giant ,

after the exam ,

i  talk like a radio ,

when exam results are  given ,

i eat like a lion ,

during the holidays ,

i prepare my self 

as the fresh term lays ,

i hurry myself to the school bus ,

on the the school days.

                                         – lekhya