Books are becoming  the best friend for any  human being nowadays  which can never be disloyal to us .Books help us go across the ocean of life and  can also be entertaining.They are interesting to read . Books contain tons of knowledge and we get to know various kinds of new words in a single  page . A lot of people told me to start reading books to improve my vocabulary .

Why ?

I do not know. Maybe I am not good in speaking and writing new words ?!? Do you think so ? But I LOVE EASY ENGLISH ! It’s simple. I like simple. So I  am reading a book after a a few months . I began reading it yesterday and I fell in love with it . It is a book edited by Ruskin Bond.It was written and published in India.Its called “school days”.Better get ready to read my book !



Luv it !

Luv it !

Books …writing !

Writing is the most creative art to do…writing is interesting to read too , many of us love too read, I too like to read many books 🙂

Books are sometimes can be the expressions and feeling of an author and seldom their thoughts and imagination and a thinking of a character in another  pint of view.It is pretty cool to have such an invention in the modern era which makes a person feel better by expressing their feelings and your creativity gets established . what books do you read ? Can you name the author of Puss in Boots?