Fun Ideas for Girls to do this Summer + Tips for Summer

Comm’on , lets get on our knees and have  fun ! These are some incredible ideas for girls especially aged 11 to 15 years to rock this summer and spice it up with tasting new things and turn them into some good old memories. This is also going to include some tips 🙂

1.Starting a summer diary – journal .


Having a diary – journal means not only sharing your feelings  by writing in this book  but also to do some fun activities like sticking some origami crafts you made and also sticking some crafts in your journal and  also writing  some of your observations and you an also share your feelings by drawing a picture symbolizing your day or feelings at a situation and color them. You can also stick pictures of you in summer.This also improves you handwriting  and vocabulary skills .If you don’t feel comfortable to write remodel it into an activity journal.

2.Getting girly


Lets look fabulous this summer by trying out new braids and cute hairstyles !

3.Start cooking some tasty snacks

   Healthy Kid Snacks  Baked sweet potato fries

You can freeze  some banana pops and experiment ! Take help from elders. Enjoy !

4.Rock painting

Rock Painting

Rock painting is really easy and fun . You can start collecting some rocks and paint them , and decorate them in your room.

5.Get a new Hobby by trying new things 

Mod boy and girl singing and playing the drums.    little girl singing with a hairbrush

You can start  singing , definitely you do not need a vocal couch because you do not know it is in your blood until you try.So try ! How about a stuntman ? You can try it in your backyard with the help of your parents. Dancing , painting , drawing , playing an instrument or making crafts and many more can work for you!

6.Start a new routine/scheme

Day 27 & 28- My kids doing yoga:)  So cool:)))

Start a new routine which can motivate you like a Yoga routine that you could practice daily in the morning  for a fresh start for the day!Or you could also try a white teeth routine to maintain your smile.You can do any routine to make yourself more perfect !

7. Redecorate your room and fresh yourself 

kids room..

You can redecorate your room and also get yourself a new look ! Decorate your room depending on how you would newly want to be and it frames with you !



 D0nT WaSte Y0UR TiMe 


HyDrAtE yOUr sKIn As WeLL as YouR bOdY




sPEnD sOmE qUalItY tImE wIthYoUR frIeNdS aNd FaMiLy


FrAMe YouR MeMOriES with a cAMera To lASt it lOngEr


TakE cArE oF yOuR sKiN , DoN’t lEt It TaN