Healthy..let’zz be that !

hello ,

Time just goes on and on . Sometimes we feel so exhausted with boredom or sometimes really stressed with a bunch of homework loaded on and then your head feels so heavy ! Sometimes we accidentally neglect health . Health is a really manifold element in life . So never neglect your health !



Joyful January


How was your Jan ?….. well don’t ask mine because to say it in a word it was senseless and I think it was quite unique for a start , well it started with the new year celebrations…..I was dressed in a beautiful pink tutu and I went to the church to pray the lord my prayers for this year to be a wonderful one and to the Mosque to pray Allah to forgive my sins and start a fresh new year and then I also went to a Temple to pray my humble wishes to the deity and of course I am a Hindu in India .I do this every festival  to symbolize unity in religious beliefs and customs and I also love to discover religions , myths and other things.

And the first week was about wishing others and preparation for a fresh start.After that we had assignments to do at school and what so ever .I also participated in a language and culture exhibition.I hope February will be thrilling which is what I am hoping for.



sports day and fun ! 018l

Me  and my bff’s together at sports day !